The Meg is the latest film to join the long line of shark movies that already exist. With Jaws giving us a almost realistic look into the shark film genre and Sharknado a hilarious far fetched take The Meg sadly doesn’t know where it fits and seems to take itself too seriously. The two stand out performances in the film come from Jason Statham and the shark itself. The rest of the cast are let down by bad acting and a poorly written script.

The plot of the films surrounds the return of an enormous shark known as The Megalodon that measures 75 feet and was believed to be extinct. Jason Statham plays Jonas Taylor who is a special rescue diver who has the job of tracking down the shark. The Meg goes on a killing spree throughout picking off characters one by one.

In summary The Meg is really for your die hard Jason Statham fans or people who must see every film in the shark genre. The film actually had a lot of potential but lack of one liners, bad casting decisions and missed suspenseful moments make this a forgettable film. The Blu-Ray version does however give you a interesting insight into how they made the film.

SCORE – 5.5/10


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