Australia’s hottest up and coming Punk act The Kids are set to release their new single Go Back To Canberra on 2 November.

The Kids don’t hold back Go Back To Canberra it is a furious, angst and frustration ridden Punk AnthemGo Back To Canberra is going to elevate The Kids to the next level, musically it shows a huge growth in maturity, and lyrically it dives into the real social issues of Australia’s Capital city. Punk rock has delivered some of music’s most powerful messages and the best political punk tracks have retained their relevance. Go Back To Canberra is set the join that list.

“The tragic tale of Australia’s national broken home. Discussing the dysfunctional ins and outs of its community. No disturbing details spared, all brutal truth and no filter. An evil tune that can mean anything to anybody.”

Pre-order/save Go Back To CanberraHERE

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