Phoenix, AZ’s The Gentle Hits are premiering “All That Information,” a track off their upcoming self-titled debut album

Comprised of Ian Metzger, lead songwriter and vocalist, drummer Mark Kulvinskas, and multi-instrumentalist James Mulhern, all gained a wide-scale following with their critically acclaimed projects Dear and the Headlights (Equal Vision Records) andWhat Laura Says.

The Gentle Hits will be released on November 18 via Porch Party Records.

Pre-order The Gentle Hits’ self-titled debut here.

After taking a bit of a hiatus from their previous bands- followed, perhaps by a stint of “Hey you should focus a minute and get your shit together cause your life just fell apart”- Metzger, Mulhern, and Kulvinskas could not help but return to their love of making music.

“The death of our former projects, and the waves of tragedy thereafter in each of our respective personal lives, seemed to only heighten the need for expression,” says Metzger.

“We created this band in an effort to keep our sanity”.

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