The Fill Ins are here to bend the bars and strike the chords of raucous rock n roll. The Fill Ins are high-octane, vital rock n roll; exhibiting catchy guitar riffs and an unapologetic attitude. Their current single “Long Way To Go” off their fourth album Never Heard of ‘Em continues to show The Fill Ins influences have joined forces and are a spin pressed in coloured vinyl, stream, and download.

“We’re a fun rock n roll band! We enjoy making great memories with our friends and creating music to help escape away to. No political agenda, no hidden message, or deeper meaning; just a loud, unapologetic attitude driven rock n roll.” – Alex Stiff The Fill Ins

Online orders are shipping now and purchases can be made at Additionally, the record can also be found at local shops in Charlotte, NC and Chicago, IL in late March of 2020

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