UK rock heroes The Darkness are distraught to announce that they have been banned from performing on the same day as AC/DC in Brisbane. City Health and Safety executives have decreed that the sheer power released into the atmosphere if the two bands were permitted to play at the same time would create TOO MUCH ROCK, threatening the city’s foundations and causing buildings to crumble like dog biscuits in the rain.

Furthermore, military law will be implemented, and security services will patrol the suburbs and schools confiscating riffs and power chords from the kids, in case rock readings go into the red.

The Darkness IN NO WAY condones this State-led anti-rockism. Buildings were made to crumble like dog biscuits in the rain. Riffs and power chords were born to rock free. This is our electric destiny!

But The Man has won this time. We sadly proclaim that our Brisbane show at the glorious Tivoli will be brought forward from Thursday 12th November to Sunday 8th November. All tickets will be valid for the new date, and refunds available if you are busy singing in the church choir that day. It goes without saying that AC/DC’s representatives were keen to move their show, but The Darkness are Gentlemen of Rock and would not hear of it.

Luckily, every cloud has a silver lining. Rock fans who accidentally pressed the wrong button and bought AC/DC tickets instead of The Darkness tickets will now be able to witness both mighty events! IN YOUR FACE, The Man….

Rock On Brisbane!

The Darkness November Tour Dates: 

Friday 6th HQ Adelaide

Saturday 7th Metropolis Fremantle

Sunday 8th Tivoli Brisbane / 136 100

Wednesday 11th Forum Melbourne / 136 100

Friday 13th Enmore Sydney / 132 849 



A2 The Darkness


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