Brazil rocks. Brazil rocks so hard that Motorhead once wrote a song called “Brazil”, about how hard Brazil rocks. Brazil rocks because they love rock. Brazil rocks because they love Australian rock just as much as they love Motorhead. And their idea of Australian rock is not just AC/DC; you can ask everyone from the Hoodoo Gurus to Tame Impala about it. And now you can ask the Casanovas about it too, because the lyric video for the Casanovas’ new single “Red Hot” just received a world-wide premier on beloved Brazilian rock’n’roll site Kazagastão. Check it out here, with enthusiastic intro from Kazagastão’s Nando Machado, who even found an Australian flag for the occasion.


The Casanovas’ 5th studio album, the Mark Opitz produced Reptilian Overlord, is out August 28 and is now available to pre-order on all formats including limited edition reptilian green vinyl and CD here.

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