Melbourne’s alt-rock queens The Beautiful Monument will release their new record, I’m The Reaper, on June 28 on their new home Greyscale Records. The second taste of their new album comes via their darkly euphoric second single “Stay”, which premiered on triple j’s Home & Hosed last night. Pre-order the album here.

Much like the album, on “Stay” frontwoman Lizi Blanco’s life is on full display as she explores the intergenerational issues that plagued her family, and finding the strength to leave in order to rectify relationships and gain perspective. As Lizi explains, “if I hadn’t have moved away from my family, The Beautiful Monument wouldn’t exist. Everything happens for a reason and sometimes it’s hard to understand at the time, but it all ties in and makes sense eventually.”

The Beautiful Monument’s second album, I’m The Reaper, is an exploration of life happening in stages of grief, redemption, growth and being. Everything happens in these stages and nothing is one dimensional. The Beautiful Monument have made it their purpose to express their experience of these stages through music, and to share those terrifying but all too familiar thoughts with the world.



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