This is it, folks – The Angels 2020. 44 years after their first release, The Angels have released their new EP, Under The Stone. Their first new material in six years, this is a band that’s still raging with the energy and intensity of an act that’s just starting out.

Under The Stone is classic Angels, the band that Jimmy Barnes said “changed Australian music forever”. There are few more glorious sounds in Australian music than the blistering guitar attack of the Brewster brothers.

The title track ‘Under The Stone’ came to The Angels’ Rick Brewster in a dream, “I’d been messing around with a number of slower tunes and felt the urge to write a full-on riff-based track,” he explains. “It was one of those ‘wake up in the middle of the night, I’ve got to record this riff before I forget it’ episodes.”

Under The Stone shows many sides to The Angels, it’s not all about their classic guitar sound. Drummer Nick Norton assumes lead vocal duties on two tracks – ‘Escape’ and ‘Leaders of Men’ – and ‘Heart to Heart’ is “an unashamed nod to Pink Floyd”. With a powerful vocal by Dave Gleeson, it’s a moving song about child sexual abuse and the innocent victims that are left behind. 

Under The Stone
The Angels

EP out now buy/stream here

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