Las Vegas indie rock ‘n’ roll three-piece The American Weather, recently signed to upstart Las Vegas record label Huntridge Records, is debuting a new song off their upcoming self-titled debut LP.

Stream “Pray” on Bandcamp. The track is also available on Spotify and iTunes.

The American Weather will be released digitally and on vinyl in May.

the american weather pray cover


Upcoming show:

Mar 05 Bunkhouse Las Vegas, NV

Many words come to mind when trying to describe The American Weather, but few convey a more accurate representation than one in particular: Hungry

With the members of this indie rock n’ roll three-piece all having been born and raised in the old working class neighborhoods of Las Vegas, their unique sound is simultaneously reminiscent and current, much like the city in which they have spent years cutting their teeth together.

“It’s always been Aaron, Kelso, and I. For as long as we’ve played music, the three of us have played together,” says front-man and guitarist Anthony Krantz.

Having started their first musical endeavor before any of them had even started high-school, It’s fair to say these boys have had a lot of time to develop the musical dynamic that only years of playing together really can. Between various dirty garages and dusty living rooms this group’s organic garage-band upbringing shines in defiance of modern pop-culture’s artificial and synthetic norm.

Simple, groovy, catchy, loud, but most importantly, real. The American Weather is the songwriting of Anthony Krantz, showcased by a powerhouse of a rhythm section featuring bassist Jaz Kelso and Aaron Golubic on drums.

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