So it seems like these days to get real super hero credibility you have to have your own movie. So that’s exactly what this movie is about. Follow Robin and the teen titans on their quest to be taken more seriously by having their own movie.

Along their journey they will encounter a arch nemesis and have their friendship tested. The vibrant colours and animation has really been stepped up for the movie. The wit and humour of the show is abundant in the movie and with Will Arnett producing you know the comedy timing is in great hands.

Whilst this movie may essentially be just a cartoon it’s thoroughly entertaining for both kids and adults alike. Fans of the super hero genre will definitely enjoy the huge amount of appearances from other DC universe greats. Some of the voice actors include Jimmy Kimmel, Kristen Bell, Nicolas Cage and Halsey. Spoiler alert there’s even a cameo from Marvel main man Stan Lee. The Blu-Ray also features some hilarious featurettes.

SCORE – 7/10

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