Tapestry is rounding out a massive 2018 with a video for their single Love//Deception. Earlier this year on Friday March 30, the NT’s premier melodic hardcore outfit, released ‘Ghost of Me’. This single and video is their way of tying a bow on this amazing year they have had. Their single Dark Shade from the EP can be voted on in triple j’s Hottest 100 of 2018.

The single will be live as a new single package on iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify from Friday 14th December.

Tom Devine-Harrison, vocalist for the band said that “Love/Deception is about how my infatuation for a person blinded me to their true feelings towards me. I gave my everything and I didn’t receive it in return. I would’ve gone to the ends of the earth for this person and even though they told me everything was fine and that they loved me, this was not the case. This broke me and this person then became the most despised thing in my life. When it ended, my eyes were opened and my hate was fuelled by the fabricated love I put so much of myself in to.”

2018 was the year that Australian Music Media really jumped on board with Tapestry, with Triple M Homegrown presenter Jane Gazzo naming them “ones to watch in 2018” and triple j presenters Bridget Hustwaite, Dave Ruby Howe and Declan Byrne all praised previous single Dark Shade with four-star reviews on triple j unearthed. Declan Byrne said that single Ghost was “…another sick slice of metal with that melodic emo tinge. the tapestry sledgehammer gains a few more victims.”

Their EP Ghost of Me won them a massive amount of love among Australia’s music media in 2018 and speaks of naught but that the band is to be the next big thing. According to Spotify, their songs were streamed a total of 283,000 times – equivalent to 17,000 hours or 283 days.

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