Fusing the percussive force of second-generation drummer Max Portnoy with the pure, war-torn fury of vocalist and YouTube sensation Justin Bonitz, Pennsylvania nu-core metallers TALLAH are working their way towards the release of their highly-anticipated debut album ‘Matriphagy’.

Ripped from the still-beating heart of the album’s midpoint, ‘The Silo’ showcases a bold and confident evolution in the band’s style, building on the foundations of their 2018 debut EP ‘No One Should Read This’. Opening with sharp snare tones and flange-affected guitar notes before quickly descending into a twisted lament, ‘The Silo’ perfectly spearheads the band’s mission to pull on the threads of nostalgia of early 2000s nu-metal bands as Bonitz leads the charge with an intense, angst-ridden lyrical explosion. With members ranging in age from 21-29, Tallah stand as flag-bearers for the disturbed, disillusioned and downtrodden masses of Gen-Z.

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