After a premiere on triple j’s Breakfast program, Stand Atlantic have shared their newest single “deathwish” featuring emo-trap artist nothing,nowhere. According to vocalist and guitarist Bonnie Fraser, “deathwish” serves as a not-so-gentle reminder to herself. “Dont be a little bitch to other peoples opinions, trust yourself instead, you’ll be better than ever.”

Fans can stream “deathwish” now at

On the new single, Fraser reflects, “Frankly, I died. I was a servant to the opinions of people who didnt give a fuck about me. My self-worth was so low that I would get high off a glimpse of their approval. I lost myself and I think the old me had a death-wish all along. But now Im back and truly have zero fucks left to give.”

The release of “deathwish” is paired with a deceptively sweet music video, filled with bright colours in direct contrast to the song’s dark lyrical content.

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