Stand Atlantic have today released a new single, “Wavelength”, following its world premiere last night on triple j‘s Good Nights.

“We wanted to push the boundaries with Wavelength,” says frontwoman, Bonnie Fraser. “The song itself is about pushing your own boundaries and trying to assimilate with someone. Sometimes communication is lost to a point where it feels like you are speaking different languages. Music is its own language and we wanted to challenge everything you thought you knew about Stand Atlantic. The entire record is no exception.”

Last month, the band released a special fan-sourced video for another new song called “Drink To Drown”. After working on their sophomore album for over a year, plans were shifted and postponed due to the current pandemic. With it being a difficult and uncertain time for music, Stand Atlantic reached out to fans and opened up an honest dialogue about how to embark on the journey of uncertainty together. Fans from across the globe sent the band their thoughts and with the clips put together for the final video, it became a clear representation of the bravery a community can develop in the face of the unknown. 

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