Charming Melbourne rockers Sophisticated Dingo today unveil ‘Don’t Wanna Be’, the final instalment leading into the release of their sophomore EP ‘How’s The Carry On!?’ due out on August 19.

The track follows previous single ‘What Is Going On?’ and first taste ‘Vultures’.

‘Don’t Wanna Be’ places a pin in Sophisticated Dingo’s sonic exploration through 60s surf rock and garage punk, further cementing the dynamic duo as one of the most exciting and unique up-and-coming outfits in the Aussie rock landscape.

The track also holds a special place in the band’s discography, explains guitarist and vocalist Lewis Matte:

“‘Don’t Wanna Be’ is about seizing the moment and taking control of what you can in life because you ‘don’t want to be another missed opportunity.’ It is one of the first songs we ever wrote. I can remember playing it at our first practices. We’ve always played it live and when we were putting together our new EP it felt right at home among the other songs.”


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