Social Animals have shared a new track, Something to Keep Me Awake. Recorded pre-COVD-19 at Chris Carrabba’s home studio (Dashboard Confessional), the track is eerily fitting for this time; a time when each day feels like a struggle and each news bulletin stokes a fire of desiring change, of protest, of restoring faith in humanity. The accompanying video shows footage of the band on the European leg of their tour with Ash, which was cut short due to the current crisis before the band could land on UK shores.

“It’s hard to watch the news today without a Xanax bar. We recorded ‘Something To Keep Me Awake’ with our friend Chris Carrabba in his home studio, and he adds some anger through his backing vocals throughout the track. It’s fitting, because if you’re not angry right now, you’re not listening. Every morning when I wake up in this strange new world we live in, I have to find new ways to stay motivated and keep myself awake. It’d be easier to sleep through it. But that simply isn’t an option. So we’re not going to “wait until this blows over” to share this with you, because it shouldn’t just blow over. We need to sit with our situation, and find out what really matters to us and how we can help. Stay safe out there.” Dedric Clark (vocals, guitar)

In support of the release, Social Animals also announced a 14-hour livestream where they’ll create a brand new song, live on air, giving fans a unique insight into the creative process. The exactness of the length of the stream comes from Dedrics faithful journey from Nashville to Minnesota – which listeners will catch a reference to in the first verse. 

During the stream, Dedric and the rest of the band will engage with fans, answering questions, and potentially even play Nintendo with them – a traditional pastime of theirs while on the road. A suitably ambitious and exhaustive undertaking, the stream will be held on YouTube and available to view via the band’s official website.

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