Sydney’s Skinpin have booked a final run of shows in support of their 2015 release So Turn It Back On

SKINPIN are a reminder that Sydney used to be home to a lot of 3 piece noisey punk bands.Formed out of the loveless and tiresome advertising and culling of musicians in the back of the free street press, they have been at it since 2011.

In a 30 minute set it’s not unusual for them to play 16+ songs with about 4 minutes break to breathe and drink.(I think if they didn’t need to break they probably wouldn’t.) Unlike most bands who when they reach a certain speed turn into barking dogs and cookie monsters,SKINPIN can still be understood with all their melody and harmonies intact.

SKINPIN are a bit of an anomaly in the music world of today as they often get cited as sounding like a bunch of old school punk bands like: early Black Flag, Minor Threat, Discharge, GBH, Dead Kennedys etc but really, they sound like SKINPIN and as long as they get to play they’ll be happy.

In late 2011 Skinpin released their first album Shifting Sands, which featured a Top Ten most added track to community radio, Crawl. This, their second album, So Turn It Back On was released in June 2015

With the second albums, there is (usually) a natural progression from the first, so everything is a little more than last time. Faster, heavier, dirtier and culminating in a mammoth nine and a half minute groove jam but still having that catchy super fast punk rock sound Skinpin are known for.

Wed June 1, Hamilton Station Hotel, Newcastle
Thurs June 2, Pier Clarence Hotel, Port Macquarie
Fri June 3, Beetle Bar, Brisbane
Sat June 4, Gollan Hotel, Lismore
Sun June 5, Northern Rivers Hotel, Lismore
Fri June 10, The Basement, Canberra
Sat June 11, House Party, Wagga Wagga
Sun June 12, The Smelter, Wollongong
Mon June 13, Newtown Social Club, Sydney
Wed June 15, Hamilton Station Hotel, Newcastle

So Turn It Back On is available on Vinyl, Cd & Download via the band directly

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