Hysterical Records are excited to share with you the new single from crustacean-sensations, Shrimpwitch. Today the duo premiere their new single “Lust For A Kick”. Their debut EP, Eggs Eggs Eggs is out May 5  and available for for pre-order now.


From deep down in Melbourne’s rock pool, Shrimpwitch have emerged from the waves to blow landlubbers away with their debut shrimp-charged garage punk and mock rock EP.

The fabulous two-piece, Georgi Goonsack and Kim Prawn, are the first release from the Hysterical Records label. Their ferociously raw and high-energy rock and roll performances explore the hardness and softness of the Shrimpwitch shell with uproarious banter, rock outfits and humour.


Shrimpwitch Live Shows:
Fri. Apr 7, 17 – Fitzroy, VIC @ The Old Bar
 Sat. June 3, 17 – Collingwood, VIC @ The Grace Darling

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