Even though they are based in Sydney Australia Punk act SHIT TINNIES, Introduce themselves to the dim-lit room of half-cut punters as “The Kiwi, the Brit, the Serb and the Canadian”, it’s impossible to mistake SHIT TINNIES for another band. From the Brit’s gigantic Mohawk hair to the Serb’s Adidas sneakers, the Kiwi’s denim and piercings to the Canadian’s sleeves of tattoos, Shit Tinnies look and sound like they came here to drink you under the table.

They SHIT TINNIES have just released their latest single ‘Town’ on Riot Records (part of the Golden Robot Global Entertainment Group) and it is their best track to date. It’s a classic blend of old school punk meshed with some Skate Punk and Hardcore elements. They give a nod to the major influencers of the genre.


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