Well DC Superhero Shazam may not be a household name but after this movie he will be. Shazam tells the story of teenager Billy Batson who gains the ability to transform into an adult superhero named Shazam simply by shouting one word. Along the way he finds out  being a superhero can be fun but hard work.
Zachary Levi was a perfect choice as he embodied the character of Shazam. He provided a great balance of being able to look strong when needed but also have his childlike humour shine through. From start to finish the movie has tons of action and comedy to keep you entertained throughout. With the movie being set in Philadelphia keep a look out for a special homage to Rocky Balboa also.   

In summary this movie was the thunder bolt of lightning that the DC movie franchise needed to recharge it’s comic book film genre.  The Blu-ray is supercharged with over ninety minutes of special features that include a hilarious gag reel, deleted scenes and alternate ending.

SCORE – 9/10

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