Originally founded in Tel Aviv, Israel and now located in Austin, Texas. Seek Irony are a blend of Metal & Rock with Dance & Techno influences. The elements melt together into their very own kind of “Tech N Roll”.

Genrefication really helps no-one. It can ruin things. Dilute them. In fact, genrefication can make ears lazy and distort what minds are being fed. Seek Irony don’t do the conventional ’genres’. They don’t believe in simple boxes. They don’t adhere to ‘one-style-only’ definitions.

Seek Irony’s fusion of crunching rock, soaring melodics, a good twist of alternative and some kinetic electronica brings with it the sound of pure, undiluted and unencumbered freedom. It is a loud, live and explosive musical energy, one which is all-inclusive, open-invitational and multi-generational.

Welcome to Tech N’ Roll.

Seek Irony’s debut album, Tech N’ Roll (produced by Seek Irony, mixed by Phil Anderson, recorded at Keoss Studios in Tel Aviv/ Evil Snail Studios in Austin, and mastered by Maor Appelbaum)
is the glorious result of the Gov brother’s journey so far.

“The music is a process that we all contribute together, some songs are more guitar based in their nature, some are more electronica based,” says Kfir. “Lyrical topics vary. Some are political, like “Ravelution (Push)” for example, which was inspired by an Israeli-Palestinian youth leadership program that I was invited to attend as an Israeli activist artist, which brought together youth leaders from both sides of the border. (Then) ”Running Towards The End Of The World” discusses social media and technology and how it affects all of us in this day and age. Some are very deep and meaningful and some are kinda silly like “Tech N’ Roll” which simply describes what Seek Irony’s music is really about – the combination of Techno (EDM) and Rock N’ Roll.”


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