Sundressed and Secret Stuff will release 4-song split 7-inch via Spartan Records onJuly 29.

A new Secret Stuff track titled “Ew, You Taste Like Cigarettes” .

The bands will play shows together this summer (along with Daisyhead, Northbound,The Other Stars, and Casey Bolles on various dates.) See dates below.

Pre-orders for the split are now available via Spartan Records. All pre-orders include an instant download of Secret Stuff’s “Ew, You Taste Like Cigarettes” and Sundressed’s “Autopilot” and a full high quality of the EP on July 29th. Vinyl will ship in August.

secret stuff sundressed split

7-Inch Split–Tracklisting:

Secret Stuff – Ew, You Taste Like Cigarettes

Secret Stuff – You Betcha, Pal

Sundressed – Autopilot

Sundressed – Best Of Worst Of (Acoustic)

First pressing limited to 500 copies

• “Arizona” (Aqua Blue / Transparent Bright Yellow Half and Half with Red Splatter on Yellow Half) (200)

• “Tennessee” (Aqua Blue / White Swirl with Red Splatter) (200)

• “Washington” (Cyan Blue in Transparent Yellow / Transparent Green Half and Half) (100)

Full color jacket printed on uncoated stock.

sundressed tour

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