2020 was certainly a year like no other. The escapism that going to the cinema provided was not possible for the majority of the year. Many of the large blockbusters have had release dates pushed back and people were forced to turn to streaming services for their movie fix. However the year did provide some nostalgic sequels and some Pixar perfection. Here’s our Top Ten Movies of 2020 –

1.   Borat Subsequent Moviefilm – The sequel we didn’t know we needed was a great success . Borats unique brand of relevant comedic satire was yet again very nice, high five!  

2. Bill & Ted Face the Music – A long awaited sequel that feels like a wyld time with old friends. Proving being excellent to each other is still as relevant today as ever. Party on dudes!  

3. Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey – Margot Robbie continues to knock it out of the park as Harley Quinn. It’s colourful, action packed comic book anarchy.

4. Soul – Pixar delivered a visually and emotionally captivating movie that will touch every soul.  

5. Sonic the Hedgehog – The iconic blue hedgehog hitting the big screen was a runaway success. Jim Carrey was a menacing super villain and it was great seeing him back at his comedic best.

6. Bad Boys For Life – Will Smith and Martin Lawrence returned to cement their place at the top of the buddy cop genre. Bad boys, bad boys whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

7. Wonder Woman 1984 – Gal Gadot again embodies the role of Wonder Woman. While this movie could have lassoed a better script the 80’s nostalgia was a wonderfully redeeming factor.

8. Onward – This funny, heartwarming adventure is another gem from Pixar. A magical quest to be enjoyed by adults and kids alike.

9. Unhinged – Russell Crowe stars as the villain in this road rage filled thriller. Proving how bad a bad day can really get.

10. The Gentlemen – Guy Ritchie gives us another superb British gangster film. The suave Matthew McConaughey was more than alright, alright, alright.   

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