Rocker and Guitarist Erin Coburn releases her new single, “The MiSFIT,” on July 24th. The iconic new song “The MiSFIT” by Erin Coburn is the perfect anthem for every independent soul. This hardcore single is the modern version of an 80’s female power ballad that features alternative rock n roll style with intermittent soul and indie rhythm. The elements of accentuated drums and electric guitar riffs will have you flipping your hair in no time.

I have NEVER fit in. I was a strange kid and I still am. Chickens are my favourite animal, I say anything that comes to the top of my head out loud, and I could live off of seaweed chips. I remember watching the Rudolph Christmas Special and relating to the “Why am I such a misfit” song that plays throughout it. The word “misfit” has always rung out in my mind because of that show. While I was in public high school, I wasn’t sure whether to think of being a misfit as a good thing or not. As I’ve grown away from high school and the constant feeling of being pressured to fit in, I can now say being a misfit is incredible. I wish I would’ve realised that when I was younger, but I wrote this song for those who felt the same as me. I want to remind people who feel like they are different that being “weird” or “not fitting in” is cool. screw fitting in. The MiSFITS are the people that pave new paths for the rest of the world“.- Erin Coburn

The song will be available on all streaming and downloading platforms with music video to follow. Download and Streaming Link.

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