Reside‘s year has really taken them to new heights – and today they are releasing their clip for single “The Light That I Found”! The 5 Piece Alternative Rock/Emo band from Melbourne are also about to take their show around Australia – announced last week, Reside will be hitting Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane from the 6th to 28th September alongside Eat Your Heart Out and TOWNS. For ticket details, go to Eat Your Heart Out’s Facebook Events

The video for the clip sees Vocalist and songwriter, Liam Guinane dancing and costume-changing his way through the first few verses and choruses against a stark white background, getting progressively more animated, briighter and happy, with the final segment of the clip bursting out into full colour and real-life, with the band performing the remainder of the song passionately and with everything they have – mirroring the intent of the song’s lyrics of finding one’s light and potential in life.

Guinane said of the track and video – “‘The Light That I Found’ is the concluding track on the EP where the character finally accepts their situation and has found the infinite potential of life again. The light is symbolic of finding the positive within the darkness and can be whatever you want it to be. It could be love, passion, positivity/happiness. The song is essentially about moving on and not only finding peace in your situation but also accepting who you are as a person.

Finding the light in darkness was a big concept I wanted to drive home for the whole EP. Figuring out who you are as a person and accepting that maybe you lost sight of who that was when everything went down. I want people to know that things eventually get better no matter how low you might feel at a particular time.

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