Tinley Park, IL’s Real Friends has released their new song “Mokena” today.  The song is taken from the band’s new album The Home Inside My Head, set to release May 27th and available for pre-order HERE, where singles “Colder Quicker”, “Scared To Be Alone” and “Mess” are all available as instant downloads with pre-order.

Originally written in 2014, “Mokena” showcases Real Friends’ continued growth, and though the song was a last minute addition to the new album, it quickly became one of the band’s favorite tracks.

Bassist Kyle Fasel explains, “Lyrically, the song covers a lot of ground. It’s a timeline, really. It sheds light on my earliest memories and into my teen years. It even talks about present day and also mentions making the wrong decisions, learning from them, and finally getting over the stuff that brings you down in life. Life can be hard. That never goes away, but it’s a great feeling when you look and see that you finally got past whatever used to make you fall. ‘Mokena’ is a song about growth. Hope everyone enjoys it.”

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