One of Australia’s most exciting, punk-fuelled bands, The Buoys, have today unleashed their new EP,  All This Talking Gets Us Nowhere.

From 2-minute anti-capitalist belter “WAH” to the glittering, love-struck “Gold,” the 6-track collection is a thrilling snapshot of the Sydney band’s sardonic, catchy, no frills rock and roll that sets its eyes on the personal and political. Lead singer, songwriter and guitarist Zoe Catterrall says All This Talking Gets Us Nowhere“is a collection of experiences over the last year: a workplace feud, some guitar shop person cracking a joke about chicks not playing instruments, and all the other tid bits of life.”

To coincide with the release, The Buoys also share the music video for their seething single “Linda“.

 The Buoys – All This Talking Gets Us Nowhere
EP out now

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