Hailing from Geneva, Switzerland, chaotic prog-punk-metal powerhouse THE ERKONAUTS have announced their forthcoming third studio album with the release of a brand new single, ‘War Flamingoes’.

The first track drawn from the ominously titled ‘I Want It To End’ stands as testament to The Erkonauts’ veritable smorgasbord of musical influences, as ‘War Flamingoes’ explores a musical landscape that pulls on a variety of threads. From the intense melodic prowess of Mastodon, the chaoticness of System of a Down, to the pulsing and relentless rhythmic mastery of Gojira, The Erkonauts form a sound that simultaneously hypnotises and delivers a powerful drop-kick to the face.

The latest single from The Erkonauts explores the highly relatable topic – perhaps to musicians in particular – of tackling one’s personal demons and self-doubt.

As The Erkonauts vocalist and bassist Ales Campanelli explains, ‘War Flamingoes’ is written from his own personal experiences with these negative emotions. “This song has a huge meaning for me. At the time of writing, I was in a place where I thought my skills were slowly fading. I’d not played much for about a year or so, and so getting back to the bass after such a long time was really daunting, especially because I had this song in mind.”

“At the time, the band was going nowhere, I was basically alone, and had to make some hard personal decisions that really took my mind away from music”, Campanelli continues. “It happens to all of us at one point or another, but with ‘War Flamingoes’, I had to prove to myself that I was still any good on the bass. I’m very happy with the result, and it’s definitely allowed me to regain confidence in my performance.”

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