In just 82 seconds, Primal Scream’s ‘Velocity Girl’ became a landmark moment in the nascent indie scene and ignited a band who would become a pivotal part of British music culture. First released as the b-side to their second single Crystal Crescent’ in 1986Velocity Girl’ reached a wider audience as the opening track on NME’s highly influential ‘C86’ compilation.

Despite the track’s renown, Primal Scream have never reissued Velocity Girl’ or included it on any retrospective albums… until now. Not only is the track now available to stream and download, but it will also be released on 7” vinyl on May 24th along with the brand new song Broken’. This limited edition, single run release will be available exclusively via your local independent retailer.

To coincide with its re-release, PrimalScream also share its first official video – some 33 years after the track was first released. It weaves between front man BobbyGillespie’s performance of the song with footage of the iconic actress and model Edie Sedgwick in ‘Ciao! Manhattan’, a film that was completed and released in 1972, a year after her death.

“I had an Edie Sedgwick type character in mind when I wrote ‘Velocity Girl’,” says Gillespie“I read Jean Stein’s biography about her and I wanted to meet a girl like that. Hanging out with Warhol, The Velvet Underground, Bob Dylan and shooting speed whilst looking absolutely fabulous. Super hip and beautiful. She was the muse. I love her.”

The video was directed by filmmaker, cinephile and musician DouglasHart, who first worked with PrimalScream on the ‘Screamadelica’ film in 1992.

‘Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll’ is available to pre-order now

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