Melbourne-based, five-piece metal band Pridelands announce the details of their highly anticipated debut studio album, Light Bends, out January 14, 2022. Pre-order Light Bends here.

“As we went into the studio to record our debut record, we were eager to take a risk in how we wanted it to sound. We aimed to create 11 stylistically very different tracks, each one written using a different writing style to the previous. We wanted a record that felt like you aren’t listening to the same song twice; a record whereas all the tracks sit together, it becomes a cohesive yet ever-changing journey for the listener. And we feel we achieved more than we had hoped for with Light Bends.” says drummer, Joe Lipsham.

Vocalist, Joshua Corey explains the single, The Lake Of Twisted Limbs, “It’s a metaphor for feeling as though you are standing still while the Earth spins out of control around you. It’s about feeling powerless. Written from the perspective of someone who’s trying to bring a loved one back from the brink of despair, this song concludes with a realisation that, when all is said and done, we can only take care of #1.


“For The Lake Of Twisted Limbs film clip, it was important that we involved a team of people that not only understood the themes and meaning behind the song itself, but could take that and creatively make it into a more cinematic experience for the viewer.

Through working with director Ed Reiss and editor Kieran Ellis-Jones, we focused on bringing the viewers’ attention to the relationship dynamic between the protagonist and antagonist as they move through a heavy-hearted and dark narrative. Through exploring themes of desperation, constriction and love, we wanted to exhibit the feelings of trying to help those closest to you as they slowly slip out of reach, into darkness.

Ed and Kieran were passionate about creating supporting imagery that could enhance the understanding of the viewer as they move through the different scenes of the clip. Whether it was the constricting water shots contrasting with the free-flow contemporary dancing of the characters, or the quick sequences of alternating colours and lighting, the team successfully pulled off the creation of some dark yet beautiful imagery that we were hoping for.” s
ays JoeLipsham.

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