A schoolgirl with no class, a nurse with no respect for the sanctity of human life, and a nun who may well be the most godless creature to ever walk the earth. This is Platinum Brunette, a powerhouse punk-metal trio formed by vocalist/bassist Demonica Lewinsky in the heat of a semi-psychotic episode one balmy evening after a bad curry.

A rouge-encrusted diamond in Sydney’s murky rock underbelly, Platinum Brunette has titillated many drunken audiences with shambolic gigs, a string of independent releases, and a fine fistful of stunning film clips.

Their latest tune, The Kids Are Not Alright, returns Platinum Brunette to their punk-metal roots, and is the lead track from their new EP Run To The Heels, which also features a unique reworking of Iron Maiden’s Wrathchild.

On this release Demonica, guitarist Britney Houston and drummer Magda Marylene have hit an all-new haughtily-strutting high-heeled stride.

Old school 90’s hard rock fans will get into this.

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