Following a stellar performance on the Freedom Stage of this year’s LOST HORIZON festival, Nu-Core outfit TALLAH have been “institutionalised” in a controversial new music video for album single ‘Red Light’. 

Drawn from their forthcoming debut concept album ‘Matriphagy’ (to be released on October 2nd and available to pre-order now), the video for ‘Red Light’ sees the unhinged Pennsylvanian nu-core outfit deliver a furious performance under suitably blood-soaked lighting. Cutting away to show the quartet dressed in hospital gowns, the band members are bound by wires and walking the halls of a seemingly derelict medical facility.

The concept of ‘Matriphagy’ offers graphic details of a series of gruesome and traumatic family affairs and further details will unfold in the coming months.

Justin Bonitz says this about the track:

“Red Light is sheer chaos. It is a madman rambling. Unlike some of the other songs on Matriphagy, the concept behind Red Light is very much obscured in a delirious fog. The story is there, the themes are there, but everything is jumbled together by the character’s stream of consciousness, guilt, and wild emotions. Between the angry, driving drums, odd time signatures, operatic vocals, rapping, villainous theatrics, and chunky guitar/bass, the message almost gets lost. The overall point of the song is, ‘It’s time to stop.’ Whether it be a toxic thought pattern, delusion, addiction, depression, insecurity, trying to control each other, whatever, the theme of the song is, ‘It’s time to stop.’ Stop getting distracted by yourself and all the little, screwed up issues you have, and look at the big picture. Your house was built on quicksand, and you are going under.” 

‘Red Light’ is available to stream and download now. ‘Matriphagy’ is available to pre order from Earache’s website, including limited edition vinyl, signed editions and merch bundles.

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