Howling Mountain’s Self Medicate is as intoxicating as its subject matter, steeped in grunge and a thick vocal performance by Sarah, we hear the tragedy of lost love and the inability to cope. Following from Fingertips, this single shows a new side of the trio, taking their heavy elements to the absolute edge. 

Formally Sarah EiDA Trio, Howling Mountain, has solidified their years of collaboration with a fresh take on Kean’s solo work. The upcoming EP, Fingertips, was recorded in the misty hills of Silvan at Beveridge Road Recording Studio with Mark Russo. Opting for a live recording style to capture the grit of their live performances.

After rehearsing at Headstone Records home base, Studio One.Be for years, Howling Mountain became a part of the family playing regular gigs with other One.Be acts. One absolutely captivating performance that had the audience stand slack-jawed and frozen, pushed the Headstone team to sign and help develop the Howling Mountain vision. 

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