UK’s Neck Deep have premiered a music video for ‘Gold Steps’ today. This is the second single off their highly anticipated sophomore full-length album Life’s Not Out To Get You, which is set to drop on August 14th via Hopeless Records/Unified. The album was recently noted as one of Alternative Press Magazine’s Most Anticipated albums of the year.

Vocalist Ben Barlow said this of the track: “As soon as you click play, you’re gonna be hit in the face with a riff! We wanted this to be a fun song; we wanted to make people move, to mosh, jump around and scream the lyrics. And in the lyrics I really just wanted to shed some positivity on a somewhat pessimistic scene. I don’t want our fans to be cutting themselves listening to our music – I wanted people to know that life’s not out to get you.”

About the ‘Gold Steps’ music video, Ben had this to say: “We wanted the video to be as fun as the song. We worked with a director called Kyle Thrash who absolutely killed it. It’s basically us driving through some Pennsylvania back roads on a flat bed truck with a mini skate ramp on it, and we’re playing on the ramp before ending up at a lake where we played in front of a massive firework display! It was pretty sketchy, there was absolutely no health and safety involved, but it was a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone that came down to the shoot, they really helped bring a great vibe and a lot of energy, and I really think that comes across in the video.”

Watch the video for ‘Gold Steps’:

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