Neck Deep have released their latest single “I Revolve (Around You)” today, accompanied by a cosmic, out-of-this world music video created by Félix Kerjean and the team at Remembers (

“I Revolve (Around You) is a song about love on a planetary scale,” shares frontman Ben Barlow on the single. “It is one big metaphor, comparing love to the movement of the planets. Picturing love on that scale really makes everything else seem small and insignificant. The song comes at a point of epiphany on the record – the realization that despite life’s trials and tribulations, love conquers all.
Musically, it’s hard hitting and impactful, and actually features one of my favourite ever sections in a Neck Deep song where I got to channel my inner Tom DeLonge, which for a song about space I feel is pretty fitting! It’s the first time we’ve done a full animated video and we’re so stoked on how it came out. The amazing team at Remembers in France did a beautiful job embodying the feeling of the lyrics.”

All Distortions Are Intentional is available for pre-order today at

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