It’s been an incredible week in music and an astonishing one for Melbourne’s Ne Obliviscaris!

In the 7 days since launching their Patreon campaign, their dedicated fanbase have proven they are willing to support a new way forward for artists working hard to keep their art alive and their business on the move.

The band have secured $6503USD per month so far from their loyal Patrons which equates to approximately $105 000 AUD per year! Well on the way to meeting their desired goal of reaching around $12000 USD per month which would see their interests funded full time at a minimum wage level and keep their amazing, groundbreaking world class musicianship as their main focus and not merely trying to survive.

The feedback from their fans has been incredible and with NeO’s policy of total transparency, they have been interacting with people via social media all week long, whilst wrapping their US tour with Cradle Of Filth. The response has been overwhelmingly positive from fans, industry and the bands peers alike as the new way forward is certainly proving to be just that!

Inspired by similar programs sports clubs have utilised for years, Ne Obliviscaris have asked their fans to buy membership packages in exchange for various levels of reward. Sport is the dominate recreation culture in Australia, and it’s fans support teams in similar ways through club membership programs and various donation methods. Ne O have simply applied that methodology to the music scene, an industry that’s largely been left to fend for itself with no corporate sponsorship or mainstream media coverage and little government funding.

Several key industry leaders have also had the following to say:

Our mission at Patreon is to fund the emerging creative class. We see a future where creators can earn a living doing what they’re passionate about because their art and work is properly valued by the people that love it most: their fans. It’s insanely special to see bands like NeO join Patreon and have such an explosive launch — you can tell that their fans share the same passion and vision for the band as it’s own members do.
The most exciting part is, I’m sure tons of bands are seeing NeO’s launch and thinking, “woah.. we could do that too.” That ripple effect changes things within the industry, and we’re really excited to have NeO onboard.” Taryn Arnold – Patreon

Very inspiring!” – Andy Farrow (Manager Opeth/Devin Townsend/Anathema & more)

“The Ne Obluminati is an extremely inspirational approach to surviving as an artist in the current state of the music industry.Why wouldn’t I want to contribute to get exclusive interactions with my favorite bands and artists?
It’s about time artists found a way to make their earnings directly and can intimately interact with their fans. What Ne Obliviscaris have done is revolutionary and what it boils down to in this industry is “evolve or die” Lindsay Schoolcraft – Cradle of Filth

I think what Ne Obliviscaris is doing is fantastic. Using Patreon to sustainably fund a band is an incredibly logical and forward thinking concept. Ne Obliviscaris are taking a bold step forward, and time will reveal that using Patreon is a great way for bands with tens of thousands of followers to give those followers an opportunity to financially support their favourite bands. This kind of financial backing is absolutely necessary for mid level bands to be able to flourish and ascend to the next level. Devesh Dayal – Skyharbor

Allowing fans a way to subsidise musicians to continue to do things that fans love is absolute common sense. Embrace progress. Bands didn’t stop making amazing music when CD sales dried up. They powered on because they love music and they love performing. Despite it being one of the most undervalued and under appreciated labours. Don’t like it? No one is forcing anyone to contribute. If you don’t like it, don’t contribute. Now let the neo boys get back to work. Otto Wicks-Green – Sleepmakeswaves

I could probably write pages on the importance of funding for the arts in creating a happier world. Ne Obliviscaris, are simply offering a new way for their fans to receive content (music, videos, live performances, etc) while simultaneously allowing for the creation of even more content, which can only be a positive thing if you’re a fan of the band‘ Plini

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