The Australian Festival Association, in association with Live Performance Australia, APRA AMCOS, the Association of Artist Managers, Music NSW and the Live Music Office released the following joint statement.

“Last night at the eleventh hour, the Government finally released the regulations and guidelines for the controversial music festival license again showing they have absolutely no respect for the music and festival industry. 

“The music, festivals and events industry is complex and establishing guidelines will always be hard and require good process. With a state election looming and a rush for media headlines, the NSW Government has ignored repeated requests to consult properly with our sector. This is why they are getting critical definitions and details wrong for an industry worth over $600 million to the state and employing thousands. 
“The regulation guidelines as they now stand also mean that any concert for over two thousand people with more than four performers, longer than five hours in duration or with more than one stage are likely to be at risk. From the Sydney Opera House, Olympic Park, Luna Park, the Hordern, wineries, showgrounds, beaches and community events, concerts like this happen across the state every weekend.  

“With NSW regulations now being so hard to navigate and remaining the most costly in Australia, not only will concert promoters start to scale back or cancel national and local concerts, Australian performers that are showcased as part of these events will be first on the chopping block.

“Audiences, tourism, supply chains and the hospitality sector will all lose out. But critically, local musicians, performers and crews will lose much needed work for an industry that is now in crisis. The Australian music industry nationally is appalled. This action clearly shows the government’s tin ear to industry consultation and due process. They have got it wrong.

“Every music lover in every city, town and regional area across NSW should be very concerned about what’s happening in NSW right now and if they care about live music and festivals they should make their voice heard.”
Statement issued by:
Australian Festival Association
Live Performance Australia
Music NSW
Live Music Office
Association of Artist Managers

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