Check out the other extreme cinema that’s creating waves on the international film circuit. Opening the fest is S. Craig Zahler’s operatically violent cop thriller Dragged Across Concrete – a worthily bloody and action-packed film that lives up to his previous gorefests Bone Tomahawk and Brawl In Cell Block 99. 

Dragged Across Concrete
Thursday, November 22 @ 7.00pm

And you won’t want to pass up the opportunity to see the most controversial film of 2018, Lars Von Trier’s most provocative film yet The House That Jack Built, This serial killer thriller has been called disgusting, evil and soulless, prompting both mass walkouts and a standing ovation at Cannes – but one thing this film could never be called is boring.  

The House That Jack Built
Saturday, November 24 @ 7.00pm. 

Also on offer are outstanding repertory screenings, including John Carpenter’s The Fog and Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead II in beautiful new 4K restorations.
PLUS, Australia’s most controversial film, Bad Boy Bubby – a harrowing tale of child abuse, murder and society’s evils – comes back to the big screen with star Nicholas Hope (Bad Boy Bubby himself) in attendance hosting a tell-all Q&A after the screening .

Bad Boy Bubby
Saturday, November 24 at 4:15pm

The extreme, one-of-a-kind Monster Fest experience runs from Thursday, November 22 to Sunday November 25. Don’t miss your chance to grab tickets now!

Head over to the Monster Fest website for more info. 

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