The Tattoo culture in Australia is forever growing this year Sydney not only has the Australian Tattoo Expo but also the Rites Of Passage Tattoo Expo. It was held over three days October 27-29 at The Royal Hall Of industries Moore park. That is 3 massive days of live entertainment, local food trucks and competitions for upcoming talent, art exhibitions and models.

We headed along to capture all of the action from the Miss Rites of Passage Sydney 2017 contest. Hosting was the gorgeous American tattooed model Bernadette Macias. The three judges looked on as the girls proudly displayed their impressive ink on the main stage to the large crowd. The girls strutted their stuff on the runway over three rounds which included streetwear, lingerie and little black dress attire.

Congratulations to the winners –

Winner – Britt Baylis
Runner Up – Dee Gore
2nd runner up – Bianca Moore

*photos by Christian Ross


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