Mile 22 is an action packed thrill ride from start to finish. Mark Wahlberg leads the star stacked cast playing operative James Silva. The cast also features some strong female leads with Lauren Cohan from The Walking Dead fame and UFC/WWE star Ronda Rousey. If that wasn’t enough Mile 22 also has the legendary John Malkovich and Iko Wais who you may remember from The Raid films.

The story is set around a CIA man hunt with gripping action and explosions a plenty. The immersive way the film was shot gives a realistic feel and takes you to the edge of your seat.

In summary while this may not be Mark Wahlberg’s greatest film it still is definitely worth your time. Both Lauren and Ronda were truly impressive and the fight scenes involving Iko are reason enough to interest any martial arts fan. The Blu-Ray also features some in depth looks into the impressive stunt scenes.

SCORE – 7/10


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