Mike Noga’s third solo album,KING is a dark, psychedelic concept album loosely based on George Büchner’s famous 1830’s play ‘Woyzeck’ and will be released on August 26.

KING features Noah Taylor (Game of Thrones, Almost Famous) as “The Narrator” and was produced bySomething For Kate’s Paul Dempsey. KING tells the tale of one mans decent into madness and the bloodshed that follows.

Pre-order KING on I-Tunes or Artist First and receive Nobody Leads Me To Flames as an instant download.

Lead single Nobody Leads Me To Flames is the final murderous scene and depicts the main character ‘Jack’ fleeing through the forest. He’s completely lost his mind and is hearing “voices from above”.

“Paul (Dempsey) and I wanted to open strong, and decided to use a technique often applied in film…. Put the pivotal scene first then go back to the start and introduce the characters and plot.”  explains Noga.



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