Melbourne hard rockers, Massive will release their new album Full Throtle on April 22 and are hitting the road with The Screaming Jets in May!

Destination Somewhere is the follow up to their critically acclaimed debut Full Throtle and will be released on April 22. Like it’s predecessor, Destination Somewhere is an all killer, no filler, four on the floor banger of an album full of rock anthems, huge choruses and yep, massive riffs. Cowbells, driving bass grooves, open hi-hats, sleaze infused riffage and attitude laced vocals. All the ingredients to make a classic hard rock album, they way they used to!

Assembled from parts lying around Melbourne in 2012, Massive are a volatile macho-rock engine fuelled on adrenaline, lager and a determination to party hard. Known to travel thousands of miles across the baking desert between gigs, these riot-starting, fist swinging road dogs mean business.

Things moved incredibly quickly for Massive after forming. Within 6 months, they had performed a number of showcase gigs in the USA, signed with management company Third Verse and completed their critically acclaimed debut album, Full Throtle

The band commenced a relentless touring schedule all across Australia in support of the album and squeezed in supports with heritage rock acts such as Glenn Hughes and Lita Ford. Third Verse introduced Massive to Earache Records (home of Rival Suns, Blackberry Smoke and British sensations The Temperance Movement) before negotiating and signing the band to a 5 Album worldwide recording agreement as 2013 came to a close.

2014 kicked off with a continuation of touring across Australia whilst plans were being made to properly introduce Massive to wider audiences. Before too long, the full length debut album was front and centre on the cover of Classic Rock Magazine. Billboards lit up the M4 motorway in London and press and media were repeatedly referring to Massive as ‘the next big rock act to emerge from Australia’ pegging Massive alongside, Airborne, ACDC and some of Australia’s finest.

Album reviews were consistently 5/5, 10/10, ‘album of the week’ & ‘album of the month’. 2014 finished with Massive spending 6 weeks on the road in the UK and Europe wowing audiences whilst performing as special guests of The Treatment & USA’s Blackberry Smoke. 35 shows in total, tens of thousands of kilometres and unquantifiable amounts of beer. Massive are road dogs in the true sense of the term and enjoy nothing more than being on the road and playing every venue they can.

2015 saw Massive return to Lighthill Studios with producer Ricki Rae to record Destination Somewhere, the follow up to their debut album Full Throttle.

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