When iconic Melbourne/NAARM political funk rockers Mammal announced their return in October last year, many expected the seminal four piece to implode within a month. The bands infamous history of member in-fighting, literally dangerous stage performances and highly strung backstage fist fights was the stuff of underground Oz rock legend – and had fans and pundits alike watching keenly for a spectacular, dance-floor filling train-wreck.

How wrong they were.

In the last year, the band has played sold out comeback shows in three states, released 3 new songs, and toured from London to every state of so-called “Australia”, and audiences old and new have been lapping it up, then screaming for more. Patrice Lovelace, in-house promoter for The Underworld in London, said of their recent sold-out performance there – “This show is going to be one of those that will be fondly remembered as an experience for everyone in attendance. You know when people speak of seeing Nirvana in a small venue playing to an audience of 100 before they blew up?
Yeah, like that.”

In short, Mammal are back, and they’ve got unfinished business.

Mammal are proud to announce the release of their new clip for their aggro/anarcho anthem “DEAD”. Shot by Gareth McGilvray, this clip is a gritty as a picket line, as loud as a swarming mob and as tough as concrete.


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