Melbourne rockers Loose End are incredibly apt when it comes to toeing the thrilling line between pop punk and metalcore, and they return today with the credentials to prove it in new single and video ‘Discontent’.

‘Discontent’ is a candid look in to the experience of burnout and its effect on the enjoyment of success – something rife within the creative industries.

Frontman Ben Smalley explains:

“The track is about a recent point in my life when I realised I had achieved a lot of personal goals, and even ticked a couple of dreams off my list. People began to really enjoy our music, we were selling out shows and writing even better songs. Outside of music I had also booked a couple of lead theatre roles and had worked on some fantastic short films. 

Unfortunately, I was working way too hard and was depriving myself of the time to reflect on or enjoy the process because of it. I couldn’t find the sense of fulfilment in my achievements – or not in the way that I thought I would or thought that I needed.” 

However, ‘Discontent’ is also a love song – a glimpse into how romance can bring with it new perspectives.

“During this time, I had met a girl and quickly fallen head over heels for her,” Smalley continues. “She really put everything into perspective for me, teaching me how to stop and enjoy the present moment.”

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