The Let Me Downs are a three piece punk rock band that was formed out of the ashes of broken hearts and empty glasses in grey winter skies of Tacoma, WA in 2019. The band began when Paul Levesque (bass,vocals) relocated from Phoenix, AZ to Tacoma, WA. Paul recruited Garrett “Stump” Guadiana (drums) and Pat Hall (guitar, vocals). After just one rehearsal, the trio knew they were onto something good. After just a few more rehearsals they had written what is now their debut record titled “Tacoma Is For Lovers”.

“This record definitely means a lot to me. I wrote most of these songs when I was going through a real tough time in my life. A lot of life changes happening. Still pulls on the heart strings a little bit when ever I play or hear the songs. My mind is still blown how we pulled this off. Recording in two different states is something I have never done. It was a challenge for sure. But, I couldn’t be more stoked on how everything came together. I’m super proud of what Garrett, Pat and myself were able to accomplish.” – Paul Levesque (bass, vocals)

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