When the awesome Lego Movie was released back in 2014 it was inevitable that the box office hit would have a sequel. In Lego Movie 2 our hero’s Emmet and Wyldstyle return this time battling the new threat of Lego Duplo. Along for the ride is everyone’s favourite dark knight Batman and new hero Rex Dangervest.  

Brick by brick this movie build it’s way into your heart. There’s plenty of laughs for both adults and kids alike. Also a real message can be found within the story for siblings and the journey of growing up.  Chris Pratt does a brilliant job again voicing the naïve Emmett and Will Arnett does just the right amount of brooding as Batman. The huge list of voice actors for cameos has some real star power enlisting the likes of Jason Momoa, Bruce Willis and Channing Tatum to name a few.   

So rest assured everything is still awesome in the Lego Movie franchise. Whilst I thought it didn’t quite live up to the original movie it still has many special qualities. The blu-ray includes deleted scenes, how they assembled Lego Movie 2 and a music video for you to sing a along to but be warned the song may get stuck in your head.

SCORE 7/10

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