New single release from swedish synthpop duo LCTRISC! Swords & Serpents is an epic 70s rocky, VHS-flickery, dark-fantasy dream.An old tale emerges – Swords & Serpents is named after the fantasy roleplay video game that was developed for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1991. Almost exactly 20 years later LCTRISC was formed as the the two members shared an apartment in Borlänge, Sweden. Their latest single was one the song embryos that took form during this period, and was inspired by the old NES game, but never finished. As the band resurfaced last year after a 5 year hiatus the song was rediscovered.

“We had the riffs and a title. No vocals or lyrics. But there was a strong identity to this song that needed respect. We didn’t change anything, just added to what was already started and the result was so obvious. It’s funny how after being buried on an old dusty hard drive for ten years we finished it in no time”.

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