Larsen has been an integral part of the Adelaide alt-rock scene ever since debuting fives years ago. Covering a broad range of that which is found under the alt-rock umbrella, Larsen are releasing their new single ‘Yours Sincerely’.

Larsen are following up their previous two singles they released earlier this year with the solemn new track  ‘Yours Sincerely’ that makes a commanding presence with its emotion and angst.

The emotion characterised in this track by the fierce chorus and mild verses reflects the underlying themes of uncertainty, fear and anxiety. Drummer Alex Andrews explains further: 

‘Yours Sincerely’ was written about the feeling of knowing anyone can be replaced at any given moment, how no one is irreplaceable, and the motions one goes through to try and prevent that, like people-pleasing, pretending to be someone you’re not and letting people walk over you for fear of exclusion.The main riff and song title pay homage to one of our favourite Adelaide bands, and one that has been inspirational to our songwriting: Sincerely, Grizzly.”

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To close this crazy year out, Larsen will be celebrating the release of ‘Yours Sincerely’ on Friday 11th of December at the Adelaide Unibar with Bitchspawn and special guests.

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