Italian Metal icons Lacuna Coil are excited to announce the release of their new album, Black Anima, on October 11, worldwide.

“Black Anima is all of us.

It’s you and it’s me, it’s everything we hide and fiercely expose to a world that’s halfway asleep.

It is the fogged mirror we are peering into searching for the truth.

It’s sacrifice and pain, it’s justice and fear, it’s fury and revenge, it’s past and future….

Human beings in the magnificence of a disturbing ambiguity.

The black core that balances it all… as without darkness light would never exist.

We proudly present to you our new work and can’t wait to welcome you in our embrace.

We are the Anima.” – Cristina Scabbia, Lacuna Coil

Lacuna Coil will be playing European festival shows and will be on an extended European tour together with Swiss Folk Metal band Eluveitie and their friends in Infected Rain.


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