Perth post-black metal quintet Illyria has followed their haunting single “Kenopsia” up with an almost triumphant second offering, “Wilderness” from the upcoming album ‘The Carpathian Summit’due out April 26.

The new single “Wilderness” is recorded, mixed and mastered by Illyria bassist Daniel Hacking and touches on themes of lust and gluttony and addresses how even powerful relations suffer at the hands of mortal passions. Illyria vocalist and guitarist Ilijah Stajić says, “… Wilderness is about the complications of love and lust and how it affects close relationships around us but also on a global spectrum. The lyrics utilise analogies such as political greed and war showcasing that even the most powerful figures in our society can be corrupted by worldly passions such as lust and gluttony.

The entrancing video clip that accompanies the single is filmed between Perth and Norway and was directed, filmed and edited by André Avila with help from Illyria drummer Matt Unkovich with direction and Pierré Gildenhuys with filming. The clip features acting by Kjetil Hallaråker from Arkentype Sine Madelen Omdal. Illyria pour their heart and soul in to “Wilderness” in a performance shoot from their hometown Perth while footage of Norway’s wintry landscape weaves it’s way through the seven-minute masterpiece and tells the story of a man consumed by lust to his detriment.


FRIDAY 3RD MAY – Badlands Bar 18+ – Perth
W/ Deadspace, Yomi Ship and Waste Not

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